Wondering which Nioxin system should you use for your hair-thinning issues?

Hair thinning is one of the most common hair-related issues nowadays and there are several reasons attached to it.

Some face hair thinning due to genetics while others face it due to a bad diet. There are several other reasons like stress, health issues, environmental factors, etc. 

However, you’d have thought about getting a hair and scalp treatment done to stop your hair loss or at least reduce it to get youthful, healthy, and thick hair.

One of the recent popular hair treatments is the Nioxin system which helps you grow thicker and better hair. 

If you’re wondering what a Nioxin system is- It’s a brand that consists of various hair and scalp treatments that help in improving the health of one’s scalp, and healthy and thicker hair growth.

Nioxin products are unisex and used for people with fine and thin hair.

The Nioxin system is extremely effective and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. It’s considered safe if you get it done at home.

Most dermatologists or hair experts recommend getting the Nioxin system treatment as it uses clinically approved ingredients to treat hair. 

Comparison of Nioxin Systems at a glance: Well, check out here different types of Nioxin and find the perfect one to use below. 

Nioxin SystemHair TypeHair ConcernsProducts Included
System 1Natural, fine or thinning hairWeak, fragile hair that is prone to breakageCleanser, Scalp Therapy Conditioner, Scalp Treatment
System 2Natural, noticeably thinning hairHair that is visibly thinning and losing densityCleanser, Scalp Therapy Conditioner, Scalp Treatment
System 3Colored, fine or thinning hairWeak, fragile hair that is prone to breakage and has been colour-treatedCleanser, Scalp Therapy Conditioner, Scalp Treatment
System 4Colored, noticeably thinning hairHair that is visibly thinning and losing density, and has been colour-treatedCleanser, Scalp Therapy Conditioner, Scalp Treatment

Without further ado, let’s find out which Nioxin system will work out the best for your hair and scalp type. Read further to know more about it. 

Which Nioxin System Should You Use?

The best part about Nioxin is that it’s formulated in a way that caters to different hair types of thin hair. There are six systems and each system is designed to improve scalp conditions and lay the base for hair growth.

It’s pretty much like how your skin health depends on the power of your cleanser, your hair will improve if you protect your scalp health. 

Nioxin has benefitted nine out of ten users when they’ve used the product as per the direction with thicker and better hair quality.

Below are the six Nioxin systems that you can choose from according to your hair type. 

Remember to be very careful while picking as wrong Nioxin system will definitely not reap you any benefits. The six Nioxin systems are: 

Different Types of Nioxin Systems to Choose from

Nioxin System 1

If you’ve always had natural and virgin hair with no treatment or colour treatment done in the past then your hair type is fit for Nioxin system 1.

This treatment is good for people who have only faced light thinning and just want to treat their hair to boost the volume. 

Nioxin System 1 will make your hair dense, boost shine, improve hair health and reduce hair fall as well. You can bid goodbye to hair breakage now. 

  • Nioxin System 1 Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Well, this Nioxin System 1 shampoo and conditioner is perfect for your light thinning and virgin hair. It cleanses your hair, refreshes your scalp, and also removes excess sebum that makes your hair oily.

Which Nioxin System Should You Use

The shampoo and conditioner both are lightweight and help in retaining moisture balance. 72% of users said that their hair looks thicker after 2 weeks of usage. 

Nioxin System 2

Nioxin System 2 is perfect for hair that has not been treated with colour ever but you’ve significantly noted issues like hair fall, thinning, dullness, losing hair volume, etc.

The system 2 treatment will help your hair get thicker, voluminous, and look fuller. It’ll also restore shine and protect your hair from falling. 

I had undergone Nioxin System 2 as soon as I discovered that my hair started thinning and falling. I found great results just in about 3 weeks.

Not only did my hair grow much thicker but also the quality of hair and shine became a lot better. 

  • Nioxin System 2 Cleanser Shampoo and Conditioner

The system 2 Nioxin Shampoo and conditioner set works like magic for people who have virgin hair but have progressive hair thinning issues.

nioxin system 6 before and after

It’s known to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids, and environmental residues from hair and scalp. I used this shampoo for about 3 months and I feel like my hair quantity literally doubled. 

Nioxin System 3

System 3 is ideal for people who have dyed their hair but have faced only light thinning or not at all. It’s just for boosting the hair quality, shine and overall health.

This treatment is ideal for coloured hair as it makes the hair visibly vibrant and also offers colour protection. Nioxin system 3 also balances hair moisture and removes environmental stressors. 

  • Nioxin Full-Size System 3 Kit

The Nioxin System 3 Full size kit is perfect for anyone looking to protect their coloured hair and give their hair a much thicker and fuller look. The system 3 kit contains a shampoo, a conditioner as well as a scalp treatment serum. 

nioxin system 6 before and after

It’s clinically proven to reduce 91% of hair breakage. It’s dermatologically tested and safe to use for sensitive scalp conditions as well. For best results, use this kit daily for 30 days. 

Nioxin System 4

System 4 is perfect for people who have colour-treated their hair and are also facing progressive hair thinning issues. This treatment is supposed to make your hair more vibrant, thicker as well as fuller.

It also removes excess sebum, balances moisture, grows back thicker and stronger hair as well as restores hair shine. 

  • Nioxin Full-Size System 4 Kit

This Full-size Nioxin System 4 kit contains a shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment that help in achieving more vibrant and fuller hair.

nioxin system 6 how to use

This kit is clinically tested and provides UV protection as well. It cleanses scalp, and strengthens hair from the roots. 

Nioxin System 5

System 5 works pretty much like system 3 but for rough and thick hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is clinically treated or not. This Nioxin system will hydrate your hair, boost shine and make it look fuller. 

  • Nioxin Full-Size System 5 Kit
nioxin 6 shampoo reviews

Nioxin System 5 kit contains shampoo, conditional, and scalp treatment for thick and coarse hair. This kit is perfect for normal to light thinning and smoothening the hair quality. It’s safe to use on colour treated hair and is also clinically safe. 

Nioxin System 6

System 6 is perfect for people with coarse and thick hair but who also face progressive hair thinning issues. It works well on colour-treated hair and virgin hair.

This Nioxin system helps in making the hair fuller, smoother, and healthier. It also restores moisture balance and provides sun protection. 

  • Nioxin Full-Size System 6 Kit
nioxin system 6 ingredients

Nioxin System 6 Full-size kit contains shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment that helps in boosting hair growth and reducing thinning. It’s also great for people who have colour-treated hair and provides UV protection. 

How to Use Nioxin System Treatment

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to use Nioxin System shampoo:

  1. Take a considerable amount of the chosen Nioxin shampoo and gently massage your hair and scalp. Rinse it off once done.
  2. Then go for conditioner and apply it from mid-length of your hair to the ends. Don’t use conditioner on your scalp. Rinse it off after 2-3 minutes of waiting. 
  3. Finally, take the scalp treatment and apply it to your scalp by massaging. Don’t rinse it off as it’s applied like serum.

Which Nioxin system should you use: FAQs

Is Nioxin 1 or 2 better?

Nioxin 1 is better for light thinning whereas Nioxin 2 is used for progressive thinning. Both the systems are used for virgin hair and helps in making thin and fine hair, thicker, fuller, and healthier. 

Should I use Nioxin daily?

Nioxin Systems are supposed to be used daily for best results. It makes your hair fuller, thicker, healthier and also boosts shine in a very minimum time. 

Do dermatologists recommend Nioxin?

Nioxin systems are an antioxidant-rich formulas that are dermatologically safe to use even on sensitive scalps. It’s a great treatment for light or progressive hair thinning.

Does Nioxin stop hair from falling out?

Nioxin doesn’t cure hair fall magically. It, however, makes the hair extremely healthy and also reduces hair fall further. It strengthens hair follicles and results in a shiny appearance. 

Can I use Nioxin 2 on color-treated hair?

Nioxin 2 is meant for virgin hair with progressive thinning problems. You should choose any Nioxin from System 3 to 6 which are safe for colour-treated hair according to the hair type and issue. 

Does Nioxin contain harmful chemicals?

Nioxin might contain some harsh chemicals that can potentially irritate the scalp and dry it. But the makers of Nioxin claim that using the 3 part system doesn’t cause any side effects. It’s advisable to be careful if you have sensitive scalp and hair type. 

Does Nioxin System 4 regrow hair?

Nioxin System 4 is a hair care product that claims to promote a healthier scalp and reduce hair loss. While it is marketed as a hair regrowth solution, there is limited scientific evidence to support this claim.

Some users have reported improvements in the appearance of their hair, but individual results may vary. It’s important to consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice and treatment.

Which Nioxin is best for thickening hair?

Nioxin offers a range of hair care systems that are designed to address different types of hair thinning and loss. The Nioxin System 2 and System 4 are specifically formulated to promote thicker, fuller-looking hair, and are often recommended for people with fine, natural hair or noticeably thinning hair.

However, it’s important to note that individual results may vary and it’s best to consult with a hair care professional or a licensed dermatologist to determine the best Nioxin system for your specific hair concerns.

What are the side effects of Nioxin System 2?

Nioxin System 2 is generally considered safe and well-tolerated, but some users may experience side effects such as scalp irritation, redness, dryness, or increased oiliness. Rarely, an allergic reaction may occur. If you experience persistent or concerning side effects, discontinue use and consult with a healthcare professional or dermatologist.

Hair fall issues are extremely tough to handle and if not treated at the right time, they can also lead to permanent balding.

Hair is, however, someone’s greatest accessory and nobody likes to lose them.

Hence, Nioxin Systems have been a saviour as they’re extremely effective. They save you from extreme hair fall and boost hair health. Try them out today! 

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How To Get Rid Of Smelly Scalp Naturally for Men

Are you looking for solutions on how to get rid of smelly scalp? We have listed all the ways you can get rid of smelly scalp. Not only that, this blog will help you understand the causes behind smelly scalp too!

Have you ever felt like your scalp is smelly or someone else pointed out that your scalp is smelly (so embarrassing!). We all sweat and temporarily do have bad odor including in our scalp. But if this is something you’re constantly dealing with then it’s a problem. 

In this article, we will discuss how to prevent scalp odor and its causes. An unpleasant odor from the scalp can give others an unpleasant impression. Let’s understand the cause of the odor and try to deal with it appropriately.

Post brought to you by Hair Everyday Care.


The unpleasant smell of the scalp may be improved by the following six basic countermeasure methods.

  1. Use scalp shampoo and wash your head in the correct way.
  2. Pay attention to your diet
  3. Improve the quality of sleep
  4. Wash pillowcases frequently
  5. Get into the habit of sweating through exercise, etc.
  6. Take care of stress

All of the above are things that can be implemented immediately if you want to start.

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Scalp Naturally

There are a variety of natural ways to get rid of smelly scalp, that won’t leave you feeling like a walking science experiment. From basic scalp maintenance, to simple home remedies, to natural oils and essential oils, you’re sure to find something that works instantly to rid your head of stench. 

Have a Regular Scalp Care Routine

Having a regular scalp care routine, such as washing and conditioning the hair regularly, is a great place to start in preventing the onset of smelly scalp.

It’s also important to avoid any concoctions of harsh chemicals, oils, and lotions, as these can cause or worsen scalp odor.

Using Natural Herbs On Your Scalp Can Remove Scalp Odor

Another way to get rid of smelly scalp naturally is through natural herbs. There are a variety of herbs that can be used to help with scalp odor, such as rosemary, chamomile, and lavender. 

Each of these plants has natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties which are known to help reduce scalp odor. 

Try adding a few teaspoons of these herbs directly to your shampoo and conditioner once a week, or adding them to a cup of hot water, straining, and then rinsing your hair with the solution. 

Essential Oils Can Help Remove Scalp Odor

Essential oils are also a fantastic way to naturally get rid of smelly scalp. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your scalp during a wash, or massaging some lavender oil into your scalp can help to reduce scalp odor as well. 

Be sure to perform a patch test of any essential oils before using, and dilute them with a carrier oil to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

In addition to the previously mentioned natural remedies, there are a few other things that can be done to help reduce smelly scalp. 

Paying attention to your diet is an important part of this natural remedy, as certain foods can cause an increase in scalp odor. 

Eating a balanced diet, and limiting processed or heavily spiced foods can reduce scalp odor. Additionally, refraining from smoking, as well as using products such as dry shampoo or pomade, can contribute to lessening the smell of your scalp. 

Overall, there are plenty of natural ways to get rid of smelly scalp without having to resort to costly and potentially harmful over-the-counter products. 

Whether you’re trying a basic scalp care routine, adding herbs to your shampoo and conditioner, or mixing essential oils into the mix, these natural remedies are sure to get you step closer to having a clean and odor free scalp.

Use a shampoo and wash your head the right way.

To prevent odor, we recommend using a scalp shampoo that helps maintain a clean scalp environment. It cleanses hair and scalp and claims to prevent perspiration odor.

Four active ingredients (piroctone olamine, 2K glycyrrhizate, salicylic acid, and tocopherol acetate) prevent sweaty odor, dandruff, and itching of the hair and scalp. In addition, 24 kinds of plant extracts with moisturizing effects can be expected to maintain a healthy scalp.

This shampoo is also recommended for those who are new to scalp care using products because of its low irritation to the scalp.

If you want to take proper measures, you should also pay attention to how you wash your scalp. If you shampoo in the correct way, you will find it easier to keep your scalp clean. In general, the following procedure is recommended for shampooing.

  1. Comb your hair beforehand.
  2. First, rinse the surface of your hair and scalp with hot water only.
  3. Take shampoo in your hand and lather it up
  4. Lather the surface of the hair with shampoo and carefully rub it in with your fingers
  5. Massage the scalp for about 1 to 2 minutes
  6. Rinse, being careful not to leave any shampoo on the scalp.

When applying conditioner after shampooing, rinse thoroughly with warm water at the end. If the shampoo is not rinsed out thoroughly, it may lead to clogged pores.

Be careful about your diet.

Eating too much greasy food or sweets that contain a lot of fat and sugar may lead to excessive secretion of sebum. Since the secretion of sebum increases from all parts of the body, including the scalp, it is possible that the scalp will always have an unpleasant odor.

It is important to keep a well-balanced diet so that nutrition is not unbalanced. In particular, try to actively consume foods that contain B vitamins, protein, and zinc, which are considered to be good for hair.

Foods rich in each of these nutrients are listed below.

Vitamin B

  • Green and yellow vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Natto (fermented soybeans)
  • Eggs


  • Pork
  • Chicken Meat
  • Tuna
  • Eggs


  • Oysters
  • Cheese
  • Pork liver
  • Sesame
  • Almonds

Be sure to consume a good balance of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. Unpleasant odors can also be caused by oxidation of metabolites. Therefore, it is recommended to take a balanced intake of vitamin C, which has an antioxidant effect.

In addition, it is important not to consume too much fat. A high intake of fat can increase sebum production, which is the cause of scalp odor. Lipids are found in beef, pork, butter, etc., so be aware of this when eating.

Improve the quality of sleep

Growth hormone, which is produced during sleep, promotes skin metabolism and keeps the scalp healthy.

Some people may be busy with work and have difficulty going to bed early or getting a decent amount of sleep. However, what is important is not the timing of bedtime or the length of sleep, but rather the quality of sleep.

Sleep quality can be improved simply by changing to a futon or pillow that fits your body. Avoiding smartphone operation, eating, and bathing before bed is also essential to improving sleep quality. Try to eat at least 3 hours before going to bed and take a bath 2 hours before.

Furthermore, 3~4 hours after going to sleep is called the golden hour, which not only promotes growth but also eliminates waste products. Even busy people should try to get at least 4 hours of sleep.

Also, if you want to improve the quality of your sleep, try to be conscious of not disrupting your body clock. If your body clock is disrupted, you will not be able to sleep at night, and the lack of sleep may cause a decrease in the production of growth hormones.

The body clock has a rhythm of 25-hour cycles, slightly longer than a day, and must be reset daily to a 24-hour cycle. The rhythm is reset by sunlight in the morning, so open the curtains as soon as you wake up to allow sunlight into the room.

Wash pillowcases frequently

Shampooing keeps your hair and scalp clean. But what about pillowcases? Pillowcases soaked with sweat from sleeping may harbor bacteria that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Sweating itself is good, but it also activates bacteria and can easily lead to the growth of dust mites.

Pillowcases should be washed at least once every three days to keep them clean.

If you are concerned, we also recommend that you wash the pillow itself on a regular basis. If the pillow itself is kept clean, it will be easier to keep the pillowcase clean as well.

However, whether or not the pillow is washable depends on the material of the pillow, so please check the washing label tag in advance.

Get into the habit of sweating through exercise, etc.

If you do not exercise enough, your sweat glands may become dormant, making it difficult to sweat. If you do not sweat, the function of the sweat glands will deteriorate, which is the source of the odor.

Lack of exercise can also cause poor blood circulation and a decrease in the body’s metabolism, resulting in less nutrients reaching the hair and causing it to not grow healthy hair.

For the health of your body and hair, be sure to exercise vigorously.

It is also important to thoroughly wipe away sweat from your body. Sweat left on the scalp for long periods of time can cause bacteria to grow and cause an itchy scalp. After exercise, wipe away sweat with a towel or take a shower to rinse off the sweat to keep the scalp clean.

Take care of stress

Stress can disrupt the autonomic nervous system, making the sympathetic nervous system dominant. 

When the sympathetic nervous system becomes dominant, male hormones increase, which is said to increase sebum production. Since excessive sebum secretion is the cause of unpleasant odor, stress care is very important.

Stress can be caused by work, housework, childcare, relationships, and many other factors. It is difficult to go through life without feeling stress, so it is important to be aware of how to live a life without excessive stress.

There are many ways to take care of stress. Examples include “talking with good friends,” “immersing yourself in a hobby,” and “exercising as much as you can. If you are prone to stress, take this opportunity to find a stress care method that works for you.

What are the causes of scalp odor?

If you want to take action against scalp odor, first understand the cause of the odor. There are three main causes of scalp odor

  1. Bacteria
  2. Sebum
  3. Sweat

By understanding the causes, you will understand how important it is to take countermeasures. 

  1. Germs

The scalp is home to a large number of “indigenous skin bacteria,” a type of fungi. The scalp, which is like a dense forest due to the presence of hair, is said to have more indigenous skin bacteria than other parts of the body such as arms and legs.

Bacterial growth is the root cause of scalp odor. The key to preventing odor is how to suppress the growth of bacteria.

  1. Sebum

The amount of sebum is deeply related to the unpleasant smell of the scalp. Sebum has the effect of smoothing hair and preventing the scalp from drying out. 

Therefore, neither too little nor too much sebum is a problem, and it is important to maintain an appropriate amount of sebum.

When sebum is over-secreted due to oily food, stress, lack of sleep, etc., it is fed by bacteria, causing unpleasant odors.

  1. Sweat

A scalp that sweats profusely becomes an environment in which bacteria can easily multiply. Since bacteria increase by feeding on sebum, they produce an unpleasant odor on the scalp, which is separate from the smell of sweat.

When you sweat, wipe it off frequently to keep your scalp clean. When wiping away perspiration, scrubbing hard can dry out the scalp and cause overproduction of sebum to compensate.

It is a vicious cycle, so be sure to wipe away sweat frequently, gently, and carefully.

How to Check for Scalp Odor

If you are concerned about your scalp odor, check it yourself. Scalp odor can be checked mainly by the following methods

  1. Rub your fingers on your scalp
  2. Check by the smell left on the pillow
  3. Try applying the wind of a hair dryer.

Specific details about each checking method are described below.

(1) Rubbing the scalp with fingers

Among the check methods, rubbing the scalp with fingers is relatively simple and easy to practice. It is recommended to rub not only one part of the scalp but also several parts of the scalp for a thorough check.

Also, it is better to wash your hands before rubbing the scalp with your fingers to make it easier to check the smell of the scalp.

(2) Check by the odor left on the pillow.

Scalp odor can also be confirmed by smelling the odor left on the pillow when you wake up. Pillows are bedding that is in contact with the head throughout the night, so scalp odor can easily be transferred.

However, some pillow materials may retain a chemical odor that is unique to chemical materials. In such cases, it is difficult to confirm the scalp odor, so try drying the pillow in the shade to remove the chemical odor.

(3) Try blowing air from a hair dryer.

If you are concerned about whether the scalp odor is being blown away by the wind, try blowing air from a hair dryer. You can check the smell of your scalp by blowing air from the back of your head.

In addition, although it is common to apply a hair dryer at the time of drying hair after taking a bath, when checking for odor, apply it while hair is dry.


Hair problems increase as we age, but in addition to thinning and hair loss, odor can also cause discomfort to those around us. If you are concerned about your own scalp odor, try to improve your lifestyle and review your hair care.

First, check the smell of your own scalp, and if you smell it, it is important to clarify the cause. If you experience any other symptoms, such as itching or dandruff, consult a dermatologist as soon as possible because it may be a skin disorder.

It is easier to prevent scalp problems in advance by skillfully using hair care products that not only prevent odor, but also help with hair growth and hair loss. When using hair care products, please consider Polypure Scalp Shampoo, which can improve the scalp environment.

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How to Dress Really Well on a Budget for Guys

To be successful, guys need to dress well. This is a simple fact and this is one of the most important factor to bring out the best in you. Dress well and you will do well. There are items in your wardrobe you want to own multiples of, a wide variety of to level up your style. Most important of all, you can do it in an affordable manner.

Here we talk about dressing expensive on a budget for all men.

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Men Street Style Trends

How to Dress NICE for Cheap Guys

#1 – Watches

Let’s start this off with watches, and it starts innocently enough in that you grab a watch that’s functional and you wear it. “Hey, this thing looks good!” Your friend will comment and it make you feel proud.

AliExpress.com Product – Military USB Charging Lighter Watch Flameless Windproof Cigarette Lighters Rechargeable

AliExpress.com Product – Oulm 3364 Casual Wristwatch Square Dial Wide Strap Men’s Quartz Watch Luxury Brand

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Again, you like the look of them, you’re starting to have compliments, so you go out there and you grab a couple more because, hey, when you’re working out, you want a watch that’s very functional. Now you can have many different styles, different looks.

Check out these amazing Mechanical watches here.

#2 – Fragrances

Next up, we’ve got fragrances and first off, if you don’t have a signature scent something that you’re defaulting to as your go-to spray, you should look at having one because people pick up and they remember smells.

Now, the easiest way to do this is to start to wear one, find one that works for you, you have the ability to choose.

AliExpress.com Product – Men 100ml Body Spray Glass Bottle Perfumed Men Perfumed long Lasting Fragrance original Bottle

So, for the winter you want a warmer heavier fragrance, one that’s going to stick around. For spring, maybe you want a lighter fragrance, something that has florals in it.

For summer, again, light, fresh, but maybe with a bit more staying power. For fall, maybe something spicy, something strong, maybe something with vanilla.

#3 – Sunglasses

So, here’s the thing, most guys only own one pair of glasses.

Sunglasses should be an accessory. They become something you can change up something that are functional, but at the same time add style to your look.

AliExpress.com Product – BARCUR 2017 Aluminum Magnesium Men’s Sunglasses Polarized Men Coating Mirror Glasses oculos Male Eyewear Accessories For Men

There’s tons of options out there, you can go with bright, you can go with muted.

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Aliexpress has got designer brands replicas like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Armani, Gucci, and they’ve got Chinese brands too. Gentlemen, you should be getting different glasses to be your accessories – sport glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, kid glasses, and more. Hope you like our curation above.

#4 – Leather Shoes

When you wear shoes all day for work or leisure, they’re going to absorb sweat, they’re going to absorb moisture. Especially high quality leather shoes, They need time to breathe to basically let out that moisture out.

AliExpress.com Product – 2019 Luxury Brand Men’s Leather Shoes Spring Autumn Rerby Shoes Oxfords Fashion Casual Dress Shoes Man

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You have to rotate shoes and that means you need to own more than a pair. You want to make sure that you’re like similar to the dress shoe, you’ve got some shoes in rotation, so that they’re able to breathe and that they’re going to last longer.

#5 – White Sneakers

We love the white sneakers. White is the in trend color this 2020.

AliExpress.com Product – Fashion Outdoor Men White Sneakers High Quality Brand Casual Breathable Shoes Mesh Soft Jogging Tennis Mens Shoes All Season

You want them to be clean and to look good, so have two pairs. Why? Because when you want to put that outfit together, you know these are the shoes that you’re going to go to and all of a sudden you look at those shoes and they’re just looking more worn that you remember, you want to have another pair that you can go to.

AliExpress.com Product – ZCDOMLER 2019 Designer Men Casual Shoes Summer Breathable Mesh Men White Sneakers Lace Up Zapatillas Tenis Hombre Mens Trainers

In addition, if this is your go-to style your go-to sneaker, you want to make sure that you’re like similar to the dress shoe.


Nike Shoes online which are cheap and good

Golden Goose replicas to go for.

#6 – V Neck Sweaters

My default is gray. I love this, it works pretty much with anything, then I start to bring in some color. I really do like a blue like this. It’s going to be a little harder to match than the gray, but still going to work with a number of items in my wardrobe.

AliExpress.com Product – Man Pullovers Winter New Fashion Vneck Sweater Cashmere and Wool

Then, I bring in something with a bit of color. If I were to bring in another, I would actually bring in another gray.

#7 – Blue and White Shirts

For me, navy, dark blue, even medium blues, I know that this works with my tones, it works with all of my jackets, it’s going to fit into my interchangeable wardrobe and I’m going to get a lot of miles out of this particular shirt.

AliExpress.com Product – Psychedelic Floral Printed Blue Shirt Men 2019 Brand New Slim Fit Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

Now, let’s talk about the white dress shirt. So, you want to have at least a number in your wardrobe. Some of you guys may think that’s too much, but here’s the thing is you’re going to change up the style and you always want a crisp white shirt.

AliExpress.com Product – Long Sleeve White Shirt Men Black Shirt Slim Fit Mandarin Collar Shirt Men

Guess what? All of a sudden this is going to be great for the summer, make sure to iron it though.

#8 – French Cufflink

French cuffs, going to be a level, just a level higher when it comes to formality. Look through the below to see our beloved curation.

AliExpress.com Product – french cufflinks for sublimation blank cufflinks for menm

AliExpress.com Product – iGame New Arrival Dentist Cuff Links Tooth

#9 – Lightweight Jackets

And, now, let’s talk jackets specifically lightweight jackets. What I love about these is that you can layer and they have all the great features of building up your shoulders.

AliExpress.com Product – Men Lightweight Jacket Slim Fit Windbreaker Coats Zipper Up Male Bomber Jacket Coats

AliExpress.com Product – Mens Lightweight Jacket Windbreaker Slim Fit Solid Windprood Men

If it fits you well in the torso, it will slim up your silhouette.

#10 – Leather Messenger Bags

We love men wearing the messenger bag. This one is a little bit more casual, but what’s great about this is it’s made to be worn with a strap and it frees up both arms.

AliExpress.com Product – CBJSHO Business Bag Briefcase Men Leather Messenger Bag Fashion Handbag Mens

AliExpress.com Product – Business Bag Briefcase Men Leather Messenger Bag Fashion Handbag Mens

AliExpress.com Product – Padieoe Split Cow Leather Briefcase Men Vintage Laptop Handbag Business Men’s Retro Leather Messenger Bag

Look at some of our curation above. Cost less than US100.

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Men’s fashion on a budget

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How to use Massage gun properly

A massage gun can be a great addition to your home spa. But, what is it? How does it work? How To Use Massage Gun? What are the benefits of using one? in this article, resTORbio will show you all details.

A massage gun is an electric device that delivers vibration-based massage therapy through its surface area. The most familiar massage device uses air pressure to stimulate deep tissue massage for relief from sore muscles and pain.

Massage guns vibrate back and forth over the skin at various speeds depending on preference or need. One may also choose between a vented or unvented model, which affects how deeply the vibrations penetrate the whole body, and features such as handle length for ease of use.

What Is A Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a small, hand-held device that uses a percussive or vibrating action to stimulate fatigued muscles and release muscle knots. Massagers are also known as deep tissue massagers, micro-vibrators, or percussion caps.

how to use a massage gun What Is A Massage Gun

How Do Massage Guns Work?

Massagers use two types of massage therapy: vibration therapy and percussive massage treatment therapy, the difference being whether the vibration therapies are continuous or pulsed.

In both cases, the goal is to use a gentle movement to relax muscle tension immediately before running/exercising or after ending an exercise session whose surrounding muscles will be sore during muscle recovery time for fuel input (electrolytes, water, carbohydrates, protein).

Using a massager isn’t essential; what is necessary is knowing the benefits of using massagers and how it work.

What Is Percussive Therapy?

Percussive therapy, or percussive massage, is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries as a form of physical therapy.

It is based on the idea that stimulation of a specific region will trigger points of reflex contraction in adjacent muscles, breaking up scar tissue and reducing inflammation.

How to use vibrating massager guns aren’t essential; what is necessary is knowing how do massage guns work.

What Is Vibration Therapy?

Vibration therapy can be described as percussive massage treatment but on a smaller scale.

Although vibration therapy applies force to specific areas, the amplitude is less. This soft tissue therapy is usually defined as reaching eight to 10 millimeters deep tissue massage.

Vibrating treatment is often the best option for people with chronic pain, sensitive muscles, or other medical conditions that prevent them from using percussive therapies such as diabetes or heart disease.

Percussive therapy can be described as deep soft tissue massage, while vibration therapy can be described as Swedish massage.

how to properly use a massage gun

How To Use Massage Guns

It is essential to learn how to use your massagers to get the best results massage gun properly. A massager that isn’t used correctly can cause injury, or worse, it could be a waste.

These are some valuable tips for using your massage gun in different situations.

How to use a Massage Gun Before Workouts

According to the massage physical therapist. Pre-workout massage guns can be a great way to warm up and increase blood flow to your muscle group, so you are ready to go for your workout. Massage tools can also be used to improve your range of motion before working out.

Use a massage gun to massage your muscles before you start to work out. Spend one to two minutes on each power and 30 seconds on the supporting muscles.

This pre-workout massage gun regimen is an excellent option if you are planning to do leg exercise.

  • 60 seconds for each quad
  • 60 seconds for each hamstring
  • 30 seconds on the lower side

Each calf should be held for 30 seconds

You’ll increase circulation and prepare your muscles for exercise in just five minutes. You should also include light cardio and dynamic stretching to increase your heart rate. Percussive therapy can’t replace intentional mobilization or priming.

How often should I use it for maximum effectiveness?

Doctors recommend using your massage tools for 10 minutes each day.

The vibration generated by massage tools will stimulate blood flow and remove toxins from the tissue.

The tools are an inexpensive way to treat many conditions related to muscle pain or muscle soreness. Using massagers for 10 minutes every day for two weeks will generally take care of any post-workout soreness.

When a muscle group becomes tight muscles and sore muscles, increasing blood flow to the area slows. This device can help increase that oxygen-rich blood flow, helping the muscle group to heal and burn fat.

The actual amount of time spent with massage therapy can vary from person to person depending on how practical the session is and how much tension is present in the muscle being treated.

How to use a Massage Gun for Sore Muscles

Sore muscles following intense workouts can be one of the most challenging symptoms for an athlete or fitness enthusiast to deal with.

You may notice a day or two after your workout that your muscle group gets sore.

This is called delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and some people have found relief from it using massage tools.

A good massage gun won’t wholly eliminate DOMS. Still, bodybuilders who experience pain in their muscles within 24 hours of working out say that massages can provide temporary relief and help heal more quickly when they’re done at least once per week for an extended period.

How to use a Massage Gun After Workouts

You can cool down with your tools after a tough workout. Percussive therapy after a workout can bring your body parts from a high-stress state to a relaxed state.

This tools can be used to relax your nervous system and mask pain signals after a hard workout. They work in the same way as a TENS unit.

Percussive therapy also improves circulation after a workout. It brings oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles.

Percussive therapy after a workout may reduce muscle tightness. This can help to reduce muscle soreness. Microscopic tears and inflammation may cause muscle soreness.

how to use percussion massage gun How Long Should You Use Your Massage Gun

How Long Should You Use Your Massage Gun?

For most people, using a massager is the only way to get relief from sore muscles. These tools don’t hurt half as bad as when you’re in pain and feeling great afterward!

Is there too much of a good thing? Not. The head of the massage device delivers micro traumas that one may not feel on their own until they’ve had enough for an extended period which can lead to muscle atrophy or, even worse – paralysis if misused by unlicensed users who are unaware of how this device works.

Muscle activation – 30 Seconds: Before a workout or activity, the massager can target your muscles to activate them and make you feel more energized. To get started, turn on the massager for up to 30 seconds before taking off with your next challenge!

Muscle Reactivation- 15 Seconds: Feeling tired mid-workout? Are your muscles starting to spasm or fatigue? You can give them an extra 15 seconds of stimulation.

Muscle recovery and Pain Relief – 2 Minutes: You can repeat this process throughout the day, with at most 1-2 hours of rest between.

If you are a beginner with a massager then you should know How Often Should You Get A Massage? let’s check our recommendations on those: https://www.restorbio.com/how-often-should-you-get-a-massage/

Who Can Benefit From Using a Massage Gun?

Massage guns are a new trend in sore muscles and pain relief. The percussion massages from the device can make people feel relaxed, but it does not take away any of your energy or endurance. (also called percussion massager)

Massagers help you prepare for fitness by warming up muscle tissues to prevent injury before exercising and help with recovery after exercise so that you may always have more strength during workouts instead of feeling exhausted all day long!

A massager has many benefits, including easing muscular pain and preventing injuries while also helping recover post-exercise.

These massage devices are popular among professional athletes because they warm up their muscles, making them less vulnerable to getting injured than if they did not prepare at all – even those who don’t work out themselves find these useful when working.

Since they do not use any chemicals, a massager is safe for all skin types and irritates.

If you have never used one before, it may seem strange at first, but once your muscles get used to the sensation, you will be reaping all the health benefits that come with using this type of device!

Injuries Where You Should Avoid Using a Massage Gun

Pulled Muscles

Massagers are great to relieve muscle tension caused by pulled muscles. The vibration motion encourages blood flow in power, using a massager helps prevent scar tissue from forming so quickly after an injury.

However, if you haven’t pulled out your spindle muscle fibers completely, this could lead to more problems down (or up!) the road.

Ligament Sprain

If you have recently sprained your ankle, knee, or hip, you will want to be careful with using a massager as it can put pressure on one side of the joint, which could cause more damage.

Inflammation injuries

Using a massager may not be the best option for pain relief if you suffer from Inflammation injuries like bursitis. It still puts pressure on an area with inflammation to reduce swelling and muscle soreness.

Broken Bones

Broken bones should always be touched by someone qualified to treat such an injury if there is any movement inside them, and they are trying to heal incorrectly. While most massagers come with sensors, this doesn’t guarantee they are accurate in their readings, and you could end up making the injury worse.

Using a massager before and after your workout can help prevent injuries, but it is recommended to see your doctor if any pain or discomfort doesn’t seem to go away quickly.

It is essential to only use these on yourself as doing this on someone else could be dangerous – they might have an underlying problem with their bones, muscles, or joints that would show no signs during a massage session which could cause more damage later down the road if not treated massage gun properly.

For better results, it is advised to do some light exercising before and after using the massager, which will help develop a proper circulation within the targeted muscle tissue.

If you know you have to do a lot of heavy lifting or physical activity, it is best to hold off on the massage devicefor another time and save your energy for your workout.

Before using the massager, check with your doctor as some injuries, such as broken bones, require professional treatment from trained individuals to help prevent further damage.

This device is not designed for children, so if you have young ones at home, make sure they don’t use this device without supervision.

As with any new device, there are always precautions that need to be taken before your first usage, and in this case, it means being sure that if you suffer from an injury like a pulled muscle or sprained joint you wait until you see someone qualified before trying to treat the problem yourself.

Taking care of your body will help prolong your life, but it will increase the quality of living you have, which means less pain and discomfort as you get older! If you take care of your body now, it won’t be such a shock to the system when time is no longer on your side.

You may also want to consult with Your Doctor before using a Massager if any underlying health issues could cause problems while using this device.

Also, if you use a massage device too often without allowing your muscles to rest, then they may become incredibly sore for several days, so make sure that you give them time to repair themselves between uses of the massager.

Which Attachment Should I Use?

If you are unsure which massage gun attachment to use, start with the one that feels best on your muscles. Some massage gun attachments target certain body areas, so if you have any injuries or pain in a specific part of your body, it may be better to go after those areas first and save some other spots for later.

You may also want to check with a professional before choosing a massage gun attachment, as they can help guide you towards the best selection for your needs.

how to use deep tissue massage gun Which Attachment Should I Use


This attachment is best for sore legs and arms, as well as the back. Not only does it massage the muscles, but it will increase circulation by bouncing on them slightly.

It is recommended to use this attachment after workouts or breaks like lunch, where you sit down for extended periods.


This attachment works best on areas such as your thighs, buttocks, and hips. This device can be a little uncomfortable at first, but it does feel perfect after using it for a while.


This attachment works great for massaging hard-to-reach places like your upper back, shoulders, neck, and even between your toes!

It also works wonders when placed under a towel to give you a full body massage! This is the perfect attachment to use if you look to treat pains caused by working at a desk for a few consecutive days.


The flat head attachment is used for massaging large muscle groups such as your thighs and buttocks. If you have been sitting down for extended periods, a flat head is a great attachment to use right before bedtime.

how to use muscle massage gun Safety Tips for Using a Massage Gun

Safety Tips for Using a Massage Gun

1. Before beginning any workout routine, it is always best to speak with your physician if any underlying health problems would cause problems while using this device.

Also, if you use a massage gun too often without allowing your muscles to rest, then they may become incredibly sore for several days, so make sure that you give them time to repair themselves between uses of the massage gun.

If your muscles begin to feel sore after using the device for a few days in a row, then stop using it for at least one day and allow yourself to rest before starting over again.

To be extra cautious, never point the device directly at your skin, and make sure that you avoid using the massage gun on any injured or inflamed areas of your body.

Always hold onto both ends of the massager so that you can completely control where it is pointing, especially if you have small children who may want to play around with it.

You can also adjust the speed levels depending on how much pressure feels comfortable while working out until you find it suitable for your personal needs. A massage therapist will be able to go to a much deeper level more safely than any device (massage physical therapist)

2. If you are using the device on hardwood floors or other slick surfaces, be sure that you put down a mat, towel, or even a sock so that it doesn’t slip away from you.

Always use caution while using the massage gun and watch out for small objects (such as loose cords) that may get caught up in the massager’s foam roller.

This usually happens when trying to maneuver them into cracks and crevices of your body, so be careful until you become more familiar with how this works!

3. When traveling with your Massage Gun, make sure that it is completely detached from all power supplies, cables, etc. Also, make sure that all attachments are wrapped up separately from each other so that they don’t get damaged in transit.

4. Many different types of chargers come with a massage gun. Do not use any charger other than the one supplied by your manufacturer to avoid injury or damage!

The plug should never be connected to anything but your phone, computer, or battery life pack – it could cause permanent harm if you do otherwise.

5. To avoid personal injury, make sure you have the appropriate power source before plugging in your massager. The type of battery required for each model varies; be careful not to use any other classes that may result in electric shock or a malfunctioning device.

6. The best way to use a massage gun is by following these simple steps: never use a massage gun near any explosive atmospheres (gas fumes, dust, or flammable materials), and ensure your charger is adequately cared for, and not left plugged in all the time.

It’s also vital that you keep it away from possible trips or being stepped on if its charging cord gets damaged at any point, then replace it immediately.

7. Lastly, if you will be using this device on the very young or very old, make sure that it is used under a blanket so that the vibrating foam roller does not accidentally scratch their skin.

If you are concerned about physically hurting someone else, keep these attachments away from them while working out.


With the right massage gun, you can get a good workout without going to the gym. But before jumping into any new exercise routine or physical therapy treatment plan, it’s important that you consult your physician and make sure it will not harm your current medical condition.

Let us help you find the perfect fit for yourself by recommending one of these Top-rated massage guns on Amazon. You deserve all-around wellness!

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