Best Andis Clippers for Men

Best Andis Clippers for Men 2022

Andis is one of the best hair clipper manufacturers in the market and nearly every barber or hair stylist would use a set of Andis clippers on their clients. 

The brand has gained popularity over the years mainly because of how reliable and versatile their clippers are. Moreover, Andis clippers are affordable and efficient making them pretty amazing products that anyone can buy.

In today’s post, I will highlight the top 10 best Andis clippers in the market today. We’ll even list out various factors to consider and what to look for when buying a pair of Andis clippers.

Here are the top 10 best Andis clippers for men.

Best Andis Clippers for MenFeaturesBest For
Andis 12470 Professional Master CordlessLi-ion battery;
Adjustable blade;
Corded and Cordless
Overall Best Andis Clipper
Andis Cordless Fade Envy Li ClipperClose cutting T-blade;
Li-ion battery with 2 hours runtime;
90 minutes charging time;
Adjustable fade blade
Best Ergonomic Andis Clipper
Andis Speed Master 2High-performance silent motor;
Adjustable blade;
Lightweight and easy to use
Best Quietest Andis Clipper
Andis 79005 Supra ZR 2 ClipperCarbon steel blade;
3 hour runtime;
2 hour charging time;
5 adjustable speeds;
Detachable blade
Best Portable Andis Clipper
Andis Headstyler/Headliner Combo SetStainless steel blade;
Wet and dry use;
12 guide combs, storage case, styling combs, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil
Best Andis Clipper Set
Andis 69100 ProAlloy Adjustable Blade ClipperXTR technology;
Adjustable carbon steel blade;
Quiet motor;
Ergonomic design;
Most Efficient Andis Clipper
Andis 73500 Supra Adjustable Blade ClipperRotary motor;
Li-ion battery;
2 hours runtime;
90 minutes charge time;
Corded and cordless
Best Versatile Andis Clipper
Andis 01690 Professional Fade Master Hair ClipperAdjustable carbon steel blade;
Powerful magnetic motor;
Lightweight aluminum body
Best Andis Clipper with Fade Blade
Andis BGRC Corded Hair ClipperRotary motor;
Ceramic blades;
Lightweight, compact and fast;
Ideal for heavy-duty use
Best Lightweight Andis Clipper
Andis 01557 Adjustable Hair ClipperHigh-performance magnetic motor;
14000 strokes per minute;
Adjustable carbon steel blade;
Aluminum body
Best High-Performance Andis Clipper

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How to choose the best Andis clippers to use at home?

By now you would have realized that not all Andis clippers are the same, some are bigger and more powerful than others whereas some are corded while the remaining ones are cordless.

Here are some important things to remember before buying a pair of Andis clippers

  • Price – The first thing you need to consider is what budget to set aside for your new clippers. Andis products are not very expensive, but there are a couple of high-end clippers that do cost a lot. The price depends on things like the power of the motor, the battery size, any accessories that come with the clippers and so on. But you can get an Andis clipper for under $50 and they can go up all the way to a couple of $100.
  • Power – Andis clippers use high-performance pivot or magnetic motors that deliver precise haircuts. Picking any of the clippers from Andis will let you cut all types of hair with ease. It’s best to opt for a combo pack where you get a clipper and trimmer with different power settings allowing you to cut a wide variety of hairstyles. The ideal spm is anything above 2500, ensure your device offers this level of power.
  • Design – Another thing to consider is the design and build of the clippers. You will need something that is ergonomic and lightweight. Also consider that metallic bodies tend to heat up so resort to buying a pair that uses a heavy duty polymer body that’s heat resistant.
  • Corded or Cordless – The biggest question on everyone’s minds is whether to buy a corded clipper or to go wireless. This depends on factors like how long do you plan on using the device at a single stretch and whether or not the device is equipped with a long enough cord allowing you to move around freely as you cut your hair.

How can I maintain my Andis clippers?

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It is important to maintain your clippers as this can help prolong their life span and in return, provide you with peak levels of performance at all times.

There are a couple of ways you can maintain your Andis clippers. You can try either one of these steps depending on the model you use.

  • Dry brush the blades – One of the basic ways you can maintain your pair of clippers is by regularly brushing the stray strands of hair and dead skin cells from the blades. Generally companies provide you with a tiny blade brush that you can use for just this purpose. Get it out from within the box and start brushing the hair off the blades after every use. This will prevent the blades from getting clogged thus maintaining the overall performance of the clipper.
  • Oiling the blades – Clippers that require you to oil the blades on a regular basis are sold with a small vial or tube of blade oil. This is provided mainly with blades that are made from carbon steel as it helps prevent them from rusting and will ensure you always have a close shave. If you don’t oil the blades, they will tend to get dull with time and when that happens there’s no coming back. So if you want your clippers to perform at their peak, follow the instructions provided and oil the blades regularly.

Top 10 Best Andis Clippers for Men

Andis 12470 Professional Master Cordless

Best Andis Clippers

The Andis professional master cordless is one of the best set of clippers to buy today. It’s managed to gain popularity rather fast thanks to its impressive performance and the fact that it does not pull on your hair. 

This product cuts all types of hair and offers control like no other. The Master Cordless comes with an adjustable lever that lets you set the cutting length from anywhere between 000 – 1. This is ideal for those who are looking to style their hair.

It runs on a Li-ion battery that is rechargeable, all you’d have to do is simply place the clipper in the stand and it will charge.  Sadly the battery lasts for a low 90 minutes and would require to be plugged in for an hour in order to attain full charge.

The 12470 Master Cordless clipper houses a powerful motor, is built using durable aluminum and is equipped with an exceptionally efficient blade. What more could you possibly ask for.

Check it out on Amazon

Andis Cordless Fade Envy Li Clipper

Best Andis Clippers

The Andis cordless fade envy is a professional grade clipper and trimmer set that is both convenient and efficient. Both devices are equipped with powerful Li-ion batteries that can deliver an astounding 2 hours of running time from a single 90 minute charge.

It features an ergonomic design making it easier to handle over longer periods of time. What’s more is that this combo clipper and trimmer pack comes equipped with adjustable close cutting blades that offer a precision trim/cut.

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This kit includes multiple clipper heads, trimmer heads, cleaning brush and two charger cables. It comes highly recommended mainly because it’s lightweight and offers some pretty impressive close cuts.

This clipper/trimmer set is valued at just over $100 and is worth the money you spend. With it you’re guaranteed a professional-grade haircut in the confines of your own home.

Check it out on Amazon

 Andis Speed Master 2

Best Andis Clippers

The Speed Master 2 is a high-quality hair clipper that uses adjustable blades to deliver close cuts. This particular model is equipped with a professional pivot motor that has been designed to let you create any hairstyle you want in no time.

The blade on the clipper is adjustable and can be set between #000 (1/100 inch) to #1 (1/8 inch). Also, the motor is rather silent, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that god awful buzzing noise near your ears.

Coming to the contents of this particular device, it comes with a total of 9 differently sized attachment combs, blade oil, a blade guard and a cleaning brush.

So, basically with the Speed Master you get sufficient accessories for any kind of haircut, blades that are extremely durable, a quiet motor and is even lightweight making it easier to handle especially if you have a lot of hair to cut.

Check it out on Amazon

Andis 79005 Supra ZR 2 Clipper

Best Andis Clippers

Here’s a premium product from Andis that delivers high-performance every time. The 79005 Supra ZR 2 is a heavy-duty detachable blade clipper that runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery and can deliver around 3 hours worth of running time from a 2 hour charge.

It’s equipped with a powerful rotary motor that can cut any type of hair regardless of whether it’s wet or dry. The switch on the front of the device lets you set the speed levels and can be adjusted from 1,800 to 3,800 strokes per minute.

 What’s great about this model is that the battery pack is detachable and can be replaced. Since the blade is removable, you have the option to change the blade to one that is just right for your styling needs.

Also, it’s crafted from Polymer and the blades are made from Carbon steel making it one extremely durable device.

Check it out on Amazon 

Andis Headstyler/Headliner Combo Set

Best Andis Clippers

Priced at $100, this two-in-one clipper pack combo from Andis features a user-friendly design that has been crafted out of tough ABS polymer ensuring your grooming session is a comfortable one.

The clipper in this set is ideal if you’re looking to maintain a short hairstyle such as a fade or crew cuts. Whereas the trimmer that comes along with it can be used for lines, hairstyling and dry shaving. The blades are even designed so that you don’t get any razor burns or bumps.

Both units are corded and while the clipper is powered by a pivot motor, the trimmer on the other hand uses magnetic motors making them ideal to cut/trim thin and short hair.

Each kit consists of 27 different styling accessories and attachments that are crucial for any type of hair. You get different clipper combs that suit different hair lengths, scissors, styling combs, blade oil and even a carrying case to take your set with you wherever you go.

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Andis 69100 ProAlloy Adjustable Blade Clipper

Best Andis Clippers

The Andis 69100 is a professional-grade adjustable hair clipper that is whisper quiet and is corded so you can receive peak performance at all times. This unit runs on XTR technology which tends to keep the clippers cool when they’re being utilized for long durations of time.

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It features a 10% quieter motor than the Fade Envy Li and  offers lower vibration than the Andis Master Clipper. What’s great about the ProAlloy is that the body is made from a durable alloy and features an ergonomic design and a comfortable grip.

The magnetic motor powering the ProAlloy runs at 7200 spm and uses carbon coated blades to deliver optimum performance. It is an affordable choice and will suit anyone looking for a sleek adjustable clipper that can cut any type of hair.

Check it out on Amazon

Andis 73500 Supra Adjustable Blade Clipper

Best Andis Clippers

The Andis 73500 Supra is quite like the 79006 Supra in terms of precision, but the 73500 is powered by a rather small battery that requires around 90 minutes to charge but delivers hardly 2 hours worth of running time.

It’s equipped with a stainless steel 5-position precision blade that can be adjusted from between 0000 and 1 allowing you to trim any hair length. Moreover, the blades can be easily removed and replaced if they are worn out.

The motor powering the device runs at 5500 spm which is more than enough to tackle rough and long hair. 

While this product is lightweight and extremely easy to use, it can at times get a bit noisy and possibly heat up if you use it for prolonged periods of time.

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Andis 01690 Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper

Best Andis Clippers

The fade master as the name suggests is the right choice for those looking to get close cuts, tapering or fades. The blade on this bad boy is made from Carbon steel and this unit is powered by a high-performance magnetic motor that can generate a whopping 14,000 spm.

Its body has been made from a aluminum/polymer based material making it durable and lightweight. There’s a convenient thumb level on the left side of the clipper that you can use to adjust the level of your cuts.

The design makes it easy to hold and maneuver but the one downside we noted was that with prolonged use, the metallic body started to heat up which was not a good thing. Also, this product does not come with any beneficial accessories or features, but packs one heck of a punch.

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Andis BGRC Corded Hair Clipper

The Andis BGRC corded hair clipper is a well-built and sturdy clipper that works well along the contours of your head. It features an ergonomic design allowing you to hold the device comfortably in your hand and it’s equipped with a rather powerful motor that can deliver upwards of 2900 strokes per minute.

The blades on the BGRC are carbon steel blades that can be removed for an easier clean up and one of the best things about using the BGRC is that it’s compatible with UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades as well.

It’s probably one of the best Andis clippers for men and definitely one of the smallest. You will be amazed at how powerful this device truly is and for those who love cordless devices, this clipper is compatible with the BGR+ battery pack and charger so you can convert the BGRC into a cordless clipper in no time.

Check it out on Amazon

Andis 01557 Adjustable Hair Clipper

The Andis 01557 clipper is another multi-purpose device that’s equipped with a powerful motor which can deliver around 14000 strokes per minute. It’s versatile and can be used across your body even if you have thick hair growth.

This clipper has a lightweight aluminum body and a convenient thumb lever which you can use to adjust the width of the blade. The only thing about this clipper you should note is that in order for it to perform well, you will have to oil the blade before every use.

We loved using this clipper, it has a long cord that lets you move around freely and is one of the best rated hair clippers for men that lets you cut and style your hair in any way you like.

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Are Andis clippers worth it?

Andis clippers are truly some of the best in the market which are durable, lightweight, and ideal for any style you want. Andis clippers are designed not to overheat when in use and are affordable so you can get replacement parts easily.

How long do Andis blades last?

If you regularly maintain your Andis blades, they should last you between 4 to 6 months. Various factors play a role in the life span of these blades such as frequency of use, level of maintenance, and environmental conditions.

What is the difference between the UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blade?

The UltraEdge blade is made from stainless steel and is easier to sharpen whereas the CeramicEdge blade is made from a ceramic material making it heat-resistant and long lasting but harder to sharpen.

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