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Best Eyebrow Trimmer 2021

If you’re looking for the right tool to shape and trim your eyebrows so they don’t turn into a uni-brow, then you’re definitely going to need the best eyebrow trimmer to get the job done.

As compared to regular clippers and trimmers that you would use on your beard, an eyebrow trimmer is slimmer and much more versatile. They can get the job done easily and today, we’re not only covering automatic eyebrow trimmers but manual ones as well, so there’s something in store for everyone. 

The best eyebrow trimmer in the market today is the Wahl Lithium Pen Detail eyebrow trimmer. This is one of their most selling products because it not only offers you the ability to trim your eyebrows, but you can even use it to trim your nose, hair, neckline and ears. At under $20, it’s truly a remarkable product that you should really consider.

Top 8 Best Eyebrow TrimmersFeaturesBest For
Wahl Lithium Pen Detail TrimmerAnodized aluminium casing, AAA battery, Multi-purpose head attachmentOverall Best Eyebrow Trimmer
FlePow Hair Trimmer360-degree rotating blade, Low noise, AA Battery, Versatile and durable designEyebrow Trimmer with best Build
Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom All-in-one Series 300013 interchangeable pieces, DualCut technology, Self-sharpening bladesMost Versatile Eyebrow Trimmer
Schon Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Trimmer3-in-1 Attachments for hair, face and eyebrows, Rechargeable built-in battery, Waterproof, Self-cleaningBest Budget-friendly Low-maintenance Eyebrow Trimmer
Christina Moss Naturals Facial Hair ScissorsHigh-quality Surgical steel blade, Doubles up as a set of tweezers, Leather pouch to store the scissorsBest Manual Eyebrow Trimmer
Hatteker Grooming Kit12 trimmer attachments, Charging dock, Carry pouch, Comb, Brush, 60 minute battery life per charge, Self-sharpening bladesBest Eyebrow Trimmer Kit
Remington Hair & Eyebrow Trimmer100% Waterproof, Rubberized grip, 1 Eyebrow comb, Stainless steel blades, Dual sided vertical trimmerMost Durable Eyebrow Trimmer
Beaubonus 4-in-1 Eyebrow KitStainless steel blades, Set includes scissors, eyebrow razor, razor with comb, tweezersBest Manual Eyebrow Trimmer Set

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Top 8 Best Eyebrow Trimmers for Men

Wahl Lithium Pen Detail Eyebrow Trimmer 

Best Eyebrow Trimmer

The Pen Detail trimmer is one of the most impressive trimmers in the market that comes  from one of the most popular brands around – Wahl. This nifty little trimmer offers a nice and tidy trim not only to your face, but to other parts of the body as well.

It’s designed to be able to trim your nose hair, ears, neckline and eyebrows while running on a single AAA battery. One of the best features of the Pen Detail is that the blades are washable so they are easy to clean. Moreover, thanks to the anodized aluminium casing, you can expect it to last a really long time.

Ideal for all types of eyebrows, the Wahl Lithium Pen Detail is by far the most versatile and compact trimmer of them all. At under 15, this eyebrow trimmer is everything you’d need both at home and while you’re on a trip.

FlePow Hair Trimmer

Best Eyebrow Trimmer

The FlePow eyebrow trimmer is a highly versatile and durable device that features a stainless steel body and blade. It offers a 360-degree rotating design that will not pull you hair and let you have a pain-free trim.

It’s ideal for those who need to trim their nose hair, ears or eyebrows. Even though it’s a bit bulky, the FlePow is one of  the most silent eyebrow trimmers that produces a max of 50dB of sound. 

It’s slightly cheaper than the Wahl and is totally waterproof which makes it a good product to use in the shower. The eyebrow trimmer comes with a cleaning brush and a cap to cover the blades. You can expect a rough 6 months of use-time from a single AAA battery if you use the trimmer for no more than 5 minutes a day.

Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000

Best Eyebrow Trimmer

Philips offers some of the best grooming products that are actually really really good, one notable mention is their Norelco MG3750 eyebrow trimmer. This device is the most versatile of the top 3 eyebrow trimmers mainly because it comes with 13 interchangeable pieces allowing you to trim your head, beard, eyebrows, nose, ears, and body.

Ideal for every man looking for the ultimate grooming tool, this trimmer comes with DualCut technology which allows the blades to sharpen themselves by brushing against one another. This means that no matter how many times you use it to trim your eyebrows, the blade will sharpen itself automatically.

At just under $20, the Philips Norelco MG3750 will offer you the best grip you could dream off and will be the right tool for your detailing.

SCHON Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Trimmer

Best Eyebrow Trimmer

The 3-in-1 trimmer from Schon is another versatile trimmer that includes attachments to trim your sideburns and mustache. It’s rather affordable and is the most low-maintenance trimmer on this list. 

It features a rechargeable built-in battery which is convenient and cuts out the hassle of buying AAA batteries time and again. The body and the blades of the trimmer are made from stainless steel. This makes them easy to wash and you’d only have to hold it under running water to get it cleaned.

This trimmer comes with a nice soft carry bag so you can take it with you wherever you’re heading on a trip or vacation. Also, Schon is giving out a Money Back Guarantee on this product, so go ahead and try it before it’s too late!

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Christina Moss Naturals Facial Hair Scissors

Best Eyebrow Trimmer

Now on to a more manual way of trimming  your eyebrows, the Christina Moss naturals hair scissors are your best bet to get your eyebrows trimmed with precision. They are perfect for those stray strands of hair and those tinier strands a normal trimmer would miss out on.

The blades are made from surgical steel and are extremely sharp, so make sure your kids don’t get a hold of them. You can use these scissors to trim your eyebrows, nose hair, ear hair and mustache.

They are a little bit more on the expensive side considering they’re manual scissors/tweezers but all-in-all you can never go wrong with something that offers such a high level of precision.

At 4.5” in length, you will be able to hold these eyebrow trimmers in your hands easily. There’s even a nice leather case that comes with the order, so the blades remain sharp and don’t get damaged.

Hatteker Grooming Kit

Best Eyebrow Trimmer

Well, by now you may already know that electric trimmers are versatile devices and the Hatteker grooming kit is no different. This kit comes with 12 different attachments that you can use to trim way more than just your eyebrows. This highly precise trimmer can be used as a full-sized trimmer, one for your beard, nose, eyebrows, ears and other parts of your body.

It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for up to 60 minutes from a single charge and is equipped with self-sharpening blades that permit a close trim every time.

The kit even includes a styling comb, a carry pouch, charging stand, and a cleaning brush apart from the other fittings. It’s a tad expensive and I would recommend the Hatteker Grooming kit to someone looking for an all-in-one device for their daily grooming requirements.

Remington Hair and Eyebrow Trimmer

Best Eyebrow Trimmer

The Remington Hair and Eyebrow trimmer is the most durable trimmer we’ve had the chance to review so far. It costs roughly the same as the Hatteker grooming kit and is a device that has been engineered to last a really long time.

It’s equipped with a rubberized grip that promotes a clean trim and it follows the Washout system where the blades would open so you can clean them from the inside-out. The Remington eyebrow trimmer is sleek and is a dual side trimmer allowing you to reach even difficult areas.

You can use it in the shower or when dry and it will always deliver peak-performance. Since it is waterproof, it’s easy to clean making it very easy to maintain. You wouldn’t have to worry about damaging this trimmer anytime soon.

Beaubonus 4-in-1 Eyebrow Kit

Best Eyebrow Trimmer

The Beaubonus 4-in-1 is the most convenient eyebrow trimmer kit for men. It includes tools that you can use to trim not only your eyebrows but even your nose, ears and face. The set includes an eyebrow razor, a dual-sided razor/comb, a pair of tweezers and scissors.

It comes in a nice black finish and is 100% manual so you can expect to get rid of all the loose strands of hair. It’s received positive reviews on Amazon and is considered to be one of the best eyebrows trimmers to buy online.

Each piece of this grooming kit is made from thickened stainless steel with black painted surface for an added grip.

What to look for in an Eyebrow Trimmer?

Before buying an eyebrow trimmer, there are three main factors to consider. These points are important and will help  you pick the best eyebrow trimmer within a few seconds.

  • Type – The first thing you must keep an eye out for is the  type of eyebrow trimmer you want. There are two types of eyebrow trimmers; manual and automatic.
    The automatic trimmers are razors or electric trimmers that usually have a plastic/stainless steel body and small blades to provide you with the best shaped eyebrows.
    The other kind are manual tools such as scissors or tweezers. These are generally small and made of stainless steel with extremely sharp blades for a precise cut.
  • Design – Another key point to consider is the design of the eyebrow trimmers. You will need something that features an ergonomic design so you don’t get cramps while trimming your eyebrows.
  • These types of trimmers can be held in different positions making them extremely easy to use. You can opt for either a pair of scissors with an angled blade or a razor that features a sloped handle.
  • Portability –  Now, the eyebrows cover a small area of your face and it’d be best to use something that is compact and easy to move. If you’re specifically buying something for your travels, then a nice foldable razor or foldable scissors will do the trick. If you’re traveling by flight, make sure the trimmer or scissors fall under the safe category of your TSA guidelines. But for the most case, you will need something lightweight and small.


The best eyebrow trimmer is the one that is small, compact, affordable and capable of trimming your eyebrows to the style you desire. In my opinion, the Wahl Pen Detail is by far the best eyebrow trimmer that money can buy.

What’s yours, let us know in the comments below.

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