Best Nivea Men's Body Wash

Best Nivea Men’s Body Wash 2022 | Ideal For All Skin Types

Though soaps are great and convenient products to clean your body, they can dry your skin up and if you end up using the wrong soap you will begin experiencing a whole new range of skin problems.

Body washes on the other hand are formulated products that not only cleanse your body but leave you smelling great and feeling hydrated. There are millions of body washes out there and one of the best you can try out would be Nivea’s range of body washes for men. 

If you’re looking for the best Nivea Men’s body wash to buy, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team has tested a bunch of different Nivea men body washes and found the following 8 to be effective at cleansing and hydrating the skin. These are affordable and are available in abundance, so go ahead and get buying.

Here are the top 6 best Nivea men’s body washes.

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How to pick the right Nivea men’s body wash?

If you’re a man suffering from dry skin, excessive oil build up or acne prone skin, there are a couple of things you have to look out for when choosing a good body wash. 

Here’s a brief understanding of the different types of skin out there and which body wash is ideal for your skin type.

Dry Skin 

Dry skin is something that men face on a daily basis and this could be because of various factors such as using the wrong soap or there is a  change in the environment. Showering on a daily basis can also lead to skin dryness and early ageing.

Dry skin is caused when the sebaceous glands located near the hair follicles stop producing sebum oil. Sebum oil is a naturally occurring oil that helps keep your skin moisturized and nourished. You will have to find a body wash that contains essential oils or moisturizing ingredients that can revitalize your skin and keep you feeling hydrated.

Acne-Prone Skin

Acne build up happens all over the body and is one of the most annoying issues to deal with. Brands like Nivea have formulated body washes specially for men with acne-prone skin. These products contain an active ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide that is an effective acne medication for men.

If you do have a body wash with this active ingredient, it’s recommended that you either use a loofah or a scrubber for the best results. Whatever you do, don’t use a body sponge as they can play host to different types of bacteria and worsen your condition.

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Oily Skin 

Oily skin in men is the exact opposite of dry skin and is a condition that results in excess oil production on the skin. This can lead to acne build up and pimples forming on your skin. 

In order to combat oily skin, you can use a body wash that contains the ingredients AHA or BHA. These ingredients help unclog your pores and will remove excess oil without drying out your skin. 

Sensitive Skin

If you’re dealing with sensitive skin, chances are that you’re allergic to chemicals or fragrances. If you’re looking to combat sensitive skin, it’s important to use a body wash that does not contain any chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Nivea body washes are great to use for sensitive skin mainly because they are mild and have been dermatologically tested to be safe for men with sensitive skin. Products such as the men sensitive body wash are designed specifically for men who have sensitive skin.

Body Odor

Finally, body odor is the most common cause of discomfort for men as it can be the result of bacteria formation under your pits. You need to ensure that your body wash is formulated with a good antibacterial that can eliminate the lingering stench.

Most of the Nivea Men body washes are designed to combat bad body odor and will keep you smelling great throughout your day. 

Top 6 Best Nivea Men’s Body Wash

Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Body Wash

Best Nivea Men’s Body Wash

Pack of 3/500ml or 16.9 fl oz

The Nivea men maximum hydration body wash is a one of a kind product that ensures you’re left moisturized and clean. Ideal for men with dry skin, this product helps promote hydration and will last for a long time even after you’re done with your shower.

This body wash has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and has been formulated with moisturizers and aloe vera extract to effectively cleanse and moisturize your skin. The one thing we truly loved about this product is that even after drying off with a towel, there are traces of the citrus woody scent that stays on your skin.

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Nivea Men Sensitive Body Wash with Bamboo Extracts

Best Nivea Men’s Body Wash

Pack of 3/500ml or 16.9 fl oz

The Nivea Men sensitive body wash with bamboo extracts is one of the most versatile body washes in the market as it can be used as a shampoo, moisturizer, body wash and even as a shaving gel. This product has been formulated to cleanse and moisture sensitive skin, providing you with exactly what your body needs.

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This multi-purpose body offers a light scent of citrus and has been formulated with Almond oil and bamboo extracts to revitalize your skin. This sensitive body wash is free from all kinds of phthalates, micro-plastic particles and silicone. No alcohol, dyes or soap was used in making this body wash and that’s what makes it perfect for men with sensitive skin.

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Nivea Men Cool Body Wash with Icy Menthol

Best Nivea Men’s Body Wash

Pack of 3/ 500ml or 16.9 fl oz

Many Nivea Men body washes are multi-purpose and can be used for a wide range of reasons, the Cool body wash with icy menthol is no different as it can be used as a shampoo, body wash and even shaving gel. This product keeps you feeling revitalized and refreshed for up to 24 hours at a time and has been formulated to effectively cleanse your skin.

The Nivea men cool body wash with icy menthol is infused with menthol that cools down your skin and you will notice a blend of menthol and Yuzu scent that lasts for hours post your shower. The long lasting masculine scent makes this one of the best Nivea men’s body washes to buy today.

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Nivea Men Vitality Body Wash

Best Nivea Men’s Body Wash

Pack of 3/500ml or 16.9 fl oz

The Nivea men vitality body wash is one product that will not dry your skin post use and will ensure that you’re feeling fresh and revitalized at all times. This body wash grants the user 24 hours of freshness and is entirely free from phthalates, parabens, micro-plastic particles or silicone. 

After using the men’s vitality body wash you will notice a mild lemon and sage scent that stays for hours. I mean, who wouldn’t want a product that not only cleanses your skin but also revitalizes it, and keeps you feeling moisturized throughout the day.

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Nivea Men Energy 3-in-1 Body Wash

Best Nivea Men’s Body Wash

Pack of 1/500ml or 16.9 fl oz

The Nivea men’s energy body wash is a highly effective body wash that’s meant to be used in the morning or after you wake up. It’s designed to pack a punch and will ensure that you’re wide awake and bubbling with energy. This body wash is perfect for men on the move and can be used as a shampoo or shaving gel depending on the situation you’re stuck in.

Quite like other Nivea men’s body wash products, the Energy 3-in-1 is free from phthalates, parabens or micro-plastics and have been dermatologically tested to be safe for men with sensitive skin. The Energy 3-in-1 body wash has spicy undertones and a hint of mint extract that leave you feeling great.

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Nivea Men Sport Body Wash

Best Nivea Men’s Body Wash

Pack of 1/500ml or 16.9 fl oz

The Nivea Men sport body wash is another fine product from Nivea that is multi-purpose and can act as a shampoo or shaving gel. The Sport body wash is equipped with revitalizing minerals that keep your skin feeling throughout the day regardless of what you’re doing.

It has a blend of aloe and citrus that offer a nice masculine scent that’s long-lasting and great for daily use. The crystals in this body wash are there to gently cleanse your skin without drying you out. It’s probably one of the most underrated body washes out there and if you’re looking for one that’s affordable, smells great and moisturizes your skin, then the Nivea men sports body wash is the one for you.

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Best Nivea Men’s Body Wash – FAQ’s

Can we use a body wash daily?

Yes, body wash products are designed to cleanse your skin and can be used more than once if you’re living in an area with harsh and humid weather. Using a high-quality Nivea body wash for men will effectively get rid of harmful chemicals or pollutants from the atmosphere that attach themselves to your skin.

Are body washes better than soap?

Body washes are stored in a bottle and the formula is not exposed to external germs or dirt. Soaps on the other hand can transfer germs from one person to another and can at times lead to dry skin. It’s better to use a body wash rather than a bar of soap because the former uses a milder formula that is gentle on the skin and does not strip you of your natural oils.

What should you look out for when buying a body wash?

Body washes contain a wide range of ingredients from essential oils to mint and Bergamot. These ingredients are known for their ability to heal your skin from external damage and thus keep your skin protected and moisturized. Other key ingredients to keep an eye out for are lemon, lavender, aloe vera and activated charcoal.

What chemicals to avoid when buying a body wash?

When buying a Nivea men body wash, there are certain ingredients to keep an eye out for. These ingredients are harmful to our skin and can cause external damage, irritation or even sensitivity issues. Avoid products that contain sulfates, parabens, artificial colors and fragrances and micro-plastics as each of these ingredients can easily rip out the oil from your skin and lead to early skin ageing or damage.

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