How Often Should You Dye Your Beard

How Often Should You Dye Your Beard?

Beards have come and gone through the years, but men have always looked more manly and handsome with a beard. It is not a new trend that is only starting now, it’s a trend that has been on the rise in the coming days.

Men have grown a beard in different styles, shapes, and sizes. A long thick beard can even be used to cover up an imperfection or two.

A beard demands respect without needing to say a word. Believe it or not but research has shown that having a beard actually triggers something in people subconsciously, that makes people around you give more respect to you and give more value to your views.

A beard has always been a sign of wisdom in men, in more modern times, young men have rebelled against growing a beard as often, but I am still to hear of a man that has not at least once in his life played with the idea or actually have grown a beard.

But one concern among men around having a beard is the idea of it growing some white hair with time, and the idea of maintenance it requires. There is no shame in growing some white hair in your beard with time, you should believe in aging with grace.

Sometimes, even young men tend to have some white beard hair which they get really insecure about. How can they flaunt white beard hair at such a young age, what will their peers say.

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The answer to this is that every person’s genetics and the way they react to aging are different, there is no shame in this fact. And the way you carry yourself is directly proportional to the way the world sees you.

Still, proper grooming and maintenance can do a whole lot of wonders for you if you are persistent in growing and flaunting a good beard style. One way to do it dying your beard. Yes, you heard us right. But men tend to have this one question very often, ‘how often should I dye my beard?’. Well, keep reading to find out.

How to Choose the Right Beard Dye Color

How Often Should You Dye Your Beard?

Okay, so there are factors to look at while answering this one because you wanna do the right things at the right intervals if you want to enhance your overall facial features and looks.

For older men, their hair turns grey more quickly, and the case with the beard is no different. We’re not saying it doesn’t happen with younger men though, it’s just that the case is more frequent among older men.

One of the factors to take into consideration while dying your beard is that every time you wash your face, the paint faints a bit, making it wear off pretty quickly. Not to mention the continuous growth of your hair that gradually reveals its natural color at the bottom.

If you’re using semi-permanent dying products, remember that they last for about 2-3 weeks, and then freshness starts fading away, and another treatment is needed. Whereas, if you’re using a barbed color shampoo, the dye might stay for a bit more, maybe for a month, but don’t expect anything more than that. So if you want a freshly looking beard every single day, you will have to dye your beard every 2 weeks.

Always remember that a fresh and well-groomed beard really adds to the personality of a man, and the better you maintain it, the better results you get.

How to Choose the Right Color?

Finding a beard dye in a color that truly suits your needs is not that easy. It should be a shade that looks natural on you, while also complementing your original beard color. It is difficult to find and goes through a lot of trials and errors.

Here we’ve put together for you some options that will guide you through your journey to that right dye color.

  • Match the shade with your hair color

For men with a full grey beard, if your beard has a little or no color left at all, you have access to a wider variety of color options to choose from. It’s like a clean slate with which you can experiment.

Grey hair has no darkness in them that overpowers the color of your natural hair, and matching hair and beard color accentuates the overall symmetry of your face. The results you will get will be way more natural than if you have hair and beard in contrasting colors.

  • Match the shades with your brow color
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This one is for people with no hair or the ones who have no color in their hair. Going with a dye shade that is closer to the color of your eyebrows is the best advice you can get here.

Let us tell you why: Dyeing your beard black when your eyebrows are tan will make your brows look shaven. While going for tan beard color when your eyebrows are black will look equally unnatural, as the colors won’t complement each other.

Benefits of Having a Well Dyed and Groomed Beard

  • Facial features can be balanced with a beard. People that have shorter beards need to make extra time in their daily routine to groom their beards since an untidy beard can have the exact opposite effect than what you are looking for. A beard, properly taken care of and groomed, however, can really balance your facial features. A longer beard also has the added benefit of covering up that imperfection that you are so tired of, thus boosting your self-confidence.
  • A beard enhances a man’s masculinity. One of the biggest differences between men and women through the ages has been that women cannot grow a beard. One can even go as far as to describe this as one of the first and most noticeable differences between men and women. A man can show off his masculinity through his well-groomed beard the same way one identifies with a lion’s mane.
  • Change your style, change your life. Everybody knows the saying that a change is as good as a holiday. Why then, should it only be women that have the opportunity to change their look as they see fit? As with everything worth doing, a beard, unfortunately, takes time, just like women growing their hair, but the end result could be well worth it.

For Those Who are Still Not Sure About Their Beard Style and Color

For those indecisive about a beard dye, try the following. Take a few weeks growing a short beard and choose a color to dye. A short beard might get away with less grooming and you also have the added benefit of never having to shave, just tidying things up in the morning.

This one practice will really help you figure out what you want. Have you ever seen a well-groomed man and thought about the time and effort that he had to put in to achieve that look.

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Or have you, just like many of us, thought that it just comes naturally to him or that it is in his genes to look like that? The reality, however, is quite different. To look that good takes a lot of dedication and maintenance.

You should also realize that you cannot just focus on one part of your body. Starting at the hair it flows through your beard and eventually ends up in your toes.

Tips to Dyeing Your Beard

  • Always start with a lighter shade – It is easier to make lighter shades darker than to make darker shades lighter. So if you are still not sure about a certain dye color, but wanna dig in and figure it out, start lighter. Going too dark in the beginning only to find out the shade is not for you will make it quite hard to reverse.
  • Both colors and shades should match – No matter how perfect the shade matches, it won’t look good if the color is not right in the first place. So always make sure to match colors before matching shades.
  • Take professional help if you are indecisive about your very first beard dye – Your beard is something that has the potential to make or break your facial features, so there’s no wanna go ahead indecisive with a number of ifs and buts around beard dye in your mind. If you are unsure, or in doubt about anything, never hesitate to seek help from a professional. Not only he will properly guide you through the entire process, but you will also get a thorough knowledge of what works and looks best on you.


There you have your query answered. Beards are a part that both young and older men are really concerned about. But if you choose to grow a beard, no matter what the reason is, maintaining it and keeping it well-groomed is the key to making or breaking your overall look. Hope this mini-guide will help you through your journey of getting that dream beard.

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