What is a two-block haircut

What Is A Two Block Haircut? Everything you Need to Know

Does it feel impossible to find a good haircut that really suits you? Everyone is just okay with a normal hairstyle nowadays, they just don’t spend time finding one that sits well on them, and neither do they have time to go for anything extraordinary.

Well, guess what, you don’t have to anymore, because right now right here we have none other than the new two-block haircuts, inspired by the amazing Asian, particularly Korean men’s aesthetic.

And what we see is that these undercut hairstyles are also getting very famous, all over the globe. And thanks to the popularity of kpop culture, people are getting more and more inclined toward these good-looking and attractive haircuts.

We see a lot of kpop artists’ hairstyles that are very similar to this two-block haircut which makes them look quite attractive and gives them that boyish charm that people get attracted to them so easily.

If we talk about how this undercut or maybe a two-block haircut is going to look on you we better first know what is this undercut or this two-block haircut is actually, Are they the same looking hairstyles that people are getting done lately.

Here we have compiled for you a mini info guide on what a two-block haircut really is and what can you expect if you get one.

What is a Two Block Haircut?

Like so many other Korean trends this two-block haircut has rapidly become awe-inspiring and its massive popularity has created so many different variations making it extremely versatile for everyone.

If you want to flaunt longer hair there are plenty of hairstyles for that out there. But if we talk about the two-block haircut it’s a little different from the undercut ones or we can say that the two-block haircut is an upgraded version of a disconnected undercut.

So the main difference between the undercut and the two-block is the contrast between the two blocks.

What is a Two Block Haircut

You can see that the composition and the design of this two-block haircut are quite similar to this undercut one. But it’s a little sharpened as compared to this undercut haircut.

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This two-block haircut is not that hard to maintain and is actually fitted for almost every face shape.

This hairstyle looks appealing on both younger and older men and can be easily maintained by refreshing it using a hair trimmer to trim down the lower part every once in a while.

So if you are bored and want something different in your hairstyle you are no doubt asking should I get this haircut? Well, I think you should definitely go for it.

This two-block undercut has this prominent style and can easily enhance the facial features and create an elegant look. This one has its own variety of styles and wearing options though.

But what got people really interested in this flattering haircut is the two square patterns because it offers inspiring people to get this modernistic look.

This one is good for a young teenager who wants to try some trendy hairdo while also looking presentable.

There are so many different ways to wear down your long hair from the top. But what do these two block haircuts look like actually?

So the two-block haircut is basically trimmed from the sides of your head, all the way to the back of your head, and it’s thicker at the center of your scalp a lot of men also like to get their hair permed with the undercut or the two-block haircut.

But why do these men are getting more attracted to this two-block haircut lately? Maybe because they can easily style their medium-length hair with that and it looks cool too.

But we can’t overlook the fact that it really gives them that boyish charm with this haircut like one of those amazingly attractive kpop artists.

Is Two Block and Undercut the same?

There are a lot of people who get confused that is the two-block haircut and the undercut are the same?

If you will see that there is a very clear difference that the two-block is completely trimmed from the lower part of your hair and has some volume at the upper part of your hair.

There are so many people who think that the two-block haircut is fairly similar to the undercut one but it has a very main difference that the undercut style is more buzzed and short from the back of your hair as compared to the two-block haircut.

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Thus the difference is absolutely clear that the two-block haircut is similar to the undercut one but definitely not the same.

How Long Should Your Hair be for a Two-Block Haircut?

Okay, so this one usually depends on the type and texture of your hair. Is your hair, is it thin, is it wavy, or do you have straight hair?

Typically, it would be good to grow your hair until the hair growing from the center top of the head reaches and touches the tops of the ears and the hair growth from the crown of the head reaches the occipital bone, the ridge bone at the back of the head that goes almost from the back of one ear all across to the back of the other.

This length of hair will give your stylist enough room for variations and plenty of hair to work with. We are talking about two-block haircuts here, there’s something for every hair.

Some Trending Two-Block Haircuts

Here are some trendy two-block haircuts that have been really getting in demand lately:

  • Medium and curly two-block haircut
Medium and curly two-block haircut

This two-block hair cut looks exceptionally good on people with curly or wavy hair. There is nothing better than short hair at the sides adding definition to the two-block hair cut at the back.

  • Sharp and textured two-block haircut
Sharp and textured two-block haircut

Although this one is more popular among men with shorter hair, a sharp and textured two-block haircut looks no less attention-grabbing.

  • Medium two-block hair cut with defined curls

Here your curls are a bit more defined, and the haircut is best suited to medium-length hair folks. The well-defined curls really give this one a chic and trendy look.

  • Medium two-block haircut with layers
Medium two-block haircut with layers

Here you get layers in your hair from the front and a two-block haircut at the back. This one is definitely a flip-worthy hairstyle to go for.

  • Two-block haircut with a sleek texture
Two-block haircut with a sleek texture

This one really illuminates the style in you, when the light falls on your sleek locks. The hair has to be straight from the front, and of course, a two-block haircut at the back.

  • Messy shaggy fringe with a two-block haircut
Messy shaggy fringe with a two-block haircut

This is a brand new addition to the two-block haircut catalog and men around the globe are already getting crazy over it.

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This haircut has the reputation of being one of the most versatile, and stylish, while also being easy to carry for modern-day men.

Why Should You Get a Two-Block Haircut?

Here are some reasons why among so many haircuts out there, you should go for this trendy two-block haircut:

  • Two block haircut appeals to the eyes.

Okay, no one can agree with this one! If done right, with proper care and techniques, a two-block haircut is really flattering and can be carried easily in both corporate and casual settings.

  • It makes it easy to maintain

When it comes to maintenance, just like an undercut, two-block haircuts are too very easy to maintain, because all you have to do is trim or shave the sides, that’s it.

  • Goes well with any length of the hair

From short, to medium, to long, two-block haircuts go well with any length and texture of the hair. No wonder they are popular for being the most versatile haircuts out there.

  • Styling two-block haircuts are easy

When it comes to styling a two-block haircut, there is no fancy treatment or technique required. Any type of brush, comb or even your fingers do the magic for them.


All in all, a two-block haircut is a trend that has recently come into the light and gained massive popularity all across the globe.

In spite of being an Asian haircut, and being associated with Asian culture, this haircut has gained an equal fan following even in western countries.

This is a haircut that, unlike those classic fades and tapers that you have seen everywhere, gives you a more boyish and charming look.

When it comes to features, the two-block haircuts have many noticeable ones, and really make the whole hairstyle stand out. It actually sets your hairstyle apart from most hairstyles out there.

A very general definition that you can give to such haircuts can be short hair at the sides and back of the head with a higher volume of hair or long hair at the top and center.

The sides and the back are completely trimmed or chopped while the center and the top are left long and voluminous for experimentations. This approach of cutting the hair has given this haircut the name ‘two-block’.

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